Shed’s Mancave’s and Precious Things – Grant ‘Pig’ Everest

Shed's Mancave's and Precious Things - Grant 'Pig' Everest

Pig is probably one of the most interesting blokes I know.  He lives high above the Lockyer Valley on the Great Dividing Range with his lovely partner Lee. 

Pig had been a member of an international motorcycle club for over twenty years and owned various Harley Davidson’s throughout the years as part his passion for bikes.  He’s racked up plenty of miles while frequenting waterholes and motorcycle group clubhouses around Australia and overseas. 

The Swine Bar was established in 2002 after Pig and Lee moved to Queensland from Sydney.

After marrying the love of his life, Pig decided to create the Swine Bar beneath their renovated Queenslander, tucked away in the hills.  It’s a unique home and they have managed to create a coziness with an open sprawl all in one (if that’s possible).  Pig’s obvious love and talent for creating one-off furniture and cabinetry is abundant throughout the home which adds to its uniqueness.  Lee possesses a flair for decorating it in a Mexican and South American theme and when you’re sitting on the deck or at the bar you can easily imagine you’re 1000 miles from nowhere.  Actually after writing this piece and sitting back I could have done a full article on the house and not just Pig and his bar.   

I’ve had the privilege of attending the Swine Bar when it was in full swing at one of Pig’s milestone birthdays and I can attest to its awesome atmosphere and accommodation of truly interesting clientele.   A sea of burly leather clad, bearded and tattooed fellas mixed with fun loving country folk always makes for a recipe of a good night!   At the time of taking Pigs photo the bar was subdued and quiet.  

Pig has now retired from his motorcycle club and there are no more Harley’s parked in the bar.  But he doesn’t need too many excuses to frequent the Swine Bar for a cold one or two while surrounded by his loved ones and the natural beauty of South East Queensland.

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