Shed’s Mancave’s and Precious Things – Graham ‘Ice’ Ison

Shed's Mancave's and Precious Things - Graham 'Ice ' Ison

Graham’s bar is situated beneath his superbly renovated, maintained and manicured Queenslander in Ipswich.

His entire property is a testament to his, and his wife Nicki’s passion for preserving and maintaining the old place. It’s always a picture to look at no matter what time of the year it is.  The gardens would rival any botanic masterpiece and the house is adorned with tasteful furniture and relevant pieces to fit.  A passion of love for both of them.

Graham’s mancave screams ‘bloke’ but with a tasteful and functional angle to compliment it.  It wouldn’t take you long to understand his passion for the St. George Rugby League Football Club and his pride in serving in the Royal Australian Navy.  Graham was a Firefighter in the Navy for 11 years, he now runs a successful fire training business so there’s a significant display of firefighting memorabilia to round out the way he’s presented his cave.

There’s even a small snake enclosure to amuse visitors and the standard 55-inch plasma and a comfy lounge rounds out a great place to have a beer ………. or 10.

Graham is also a keen motorcycle enthusiast that not only influences his mancave but also his way of life and the way he spends his spare time.  He’s the President of the ‘ELEVEN’ Motorcycle Club with members across South East Queensland and NSW. 

His ‘precious thing’ is a photograph of his grandfather’s speedway motorcycle that he believes was taken in the early 1920’s.

His grandfather Benjamin Ison owned the very first motorcycle dealership in Dubbo of many years before the 1956 floods contributed to the demise of the business. Graham’s Uncle Donny then took over the premises where he sold pushbikes. It then closed down for good in the late 70’s.

Another one of Grahams uncles, Kevin, explained that after the floods dozens of flood damaged bikes, some still packed in grease and some still in crates were thrown down a disused well near the Dubbo saleyards. 

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