Shed’s Mancave’s and Precious Things – Erny Kuss

Shed's Mancave's and Precious Things - Erny Kuss

Erny is a master guitar builder and shares his workshop with Bec his partner who is an equally talented airbrush artist.  

They live in the rolling hills behind Marburg in South East Queensland where Erny’s family have resided for generations.  Erny and Bec’s shed sits beside a rambling old Queenslander that screams nostalgia and compliments their fascination with a ‘retro’ and simple lifestyle.

Erny’s love of music and classic motorcycles contribute to the fabric of his shed that allows for a mix of space for both productivity and relaxing.  It’s almost like his property is almost set out in zones that facilitates his and Bec’s contributions to their lifestyle, and for it to be continually added to and built upon. 

There are dedicated area’s set aside for Erny’s guitar building and Bec’s airbrush artistry that include spatterings of motorcycles in various stages of restoration and a collection of parts and equipment that compliment both of their passions.  Bec’s art is strategically placed would the walls with images of retro themed girls on bikes and old petrol bowsers amongst others.

There’s also space set aside for relaxing.  This include organised and impromptu Saturday afternoon jam sessions with family and friends.  When talking to Erny about these jam sessions It was easy to see that the opportunity to play and share his music amongst mates was important.  He’s been working on establishing a private clubhouse to do this on a different scale and I could identify the intense level of enthusiasm and passion related to this as he described it to me. 

Both Erny and Bec kept apologising for what they considered was the ‘state of the place’.  But I didn’t see anything wrong with it.  It seemed to me to be an extremely functional place to build, tinker and create in.  What they thought was untidy I considered to be busy but practical.  I could put money on the fact that no matter how untidy they might have considered it, either one of them would be able to find whatever they might of been looking for in an instant.

Erny began playing at the age of 12 after getting his first guitar and commenced building them and developing his business in 1993.  He also runs a guitar tutoring business from another great room set up under his house.

When Erny was asked about his ‘precious thing’ he was quick to describe his 1974 HZ Holden panel van.  He had always wanted one.  He managed to buy one around 22 years ago via a private sale and it was full of hay and horse manure when he picked it up.  He used it as his daily ride up till only recently.  The van sits underneath the house with its tailgate protruding like a fat bottomed woman.  There’s nothing remarkable about it but the attachment to it that Erny has to it is extremely evident. The image here showing Erny sitting in the back with his dogs illustrates just how uncomplicated life is for this bloke.  I’m envious of this. 

Erny and Bec are a great couple, and I enjoyed immensely the opportunity to meet with them to share their passions.  Looking forward to doing some more with them down the track perhaps.

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