Shed’s Mancave’s and Precious Things – Adam Ezzy

Shed’s Mancave’s and Precious Things – Adam Ezzy

Adam Ezzy lives in the sleepy town of Leyburn on the Darling Downs.  He lives by himself and was quick to say that a woman wouldn’t be able to move anyway because there would be no room for her stuff!

His shed is a 10 x 8 or thereabouts in the back yard stacked with an eclectic array of memorabilia collectables and family heirlooms.  Although there didn’t look to be too much more space on the walls and floor space was at a premium, I got the impression that Adam would be happy to improvise, adapt and overcome in add to his collection when the need arises.

He was very quick to let us know that the bulk of his mancave is furnished with his late grandfather’s things that he’d inherited when he passed, Adam was raised by his grandparents after his parents died when he was very young.   ‘Pop’s’ collection included dozens of billiards trophies.  Adam suggested Pop was a very competent pool player and that he had played against the likes of Walter Lindram and Eddie Charlton.

Adam’s grandmother was a talented tenpin bowler but Pop wouldn’t allow her to display her trophies in his shed …. always difficult to manage …. so now Adam has them pride of place in his.

There’s an impressive arsenal of bull’s horns on one wall.  Adam tells the story of bringing back a set on top of his single cab Hi-lux when he was working out at the goat meatworks at Charleville.  He gave a few blokes a lift in the back of the ute.  By the time they got back to Toowoomba (long way in the back of a ute) maggots had got into the horn carcass and the smell was too much for his passengers in the back.

There’s a picture of the first shipment of XXXX Gold in 1991, a collection of classic girly paintings, chunks of a Leyburn road that were ripped up during floods (Adam had sold some of those at a market in Toowoomba for twenty bucks), a hanged Kiwi bird, a pot belly stove and of course a dart board and pool table.  Then there’s ‘Bert’ a former Captain Cash that used to reside in a pub in Scarborough.  I’ll let Adam tell the story of how Bert became part of his collection ….wouldn’t want to incriminate him.

Adam’s ‘precious thing’ is a perpetual trophy that has been exchanged between him and his uncle.  Adam’s uncle taught him how to play chess when he was a boy and as Adam had gotten better at it they became very competitive.  It was decided that they would play for the ‘Ashes’.  Two queen chess pieces were burned and placed into an original smaller trophy and letter transferred into the bigger one.  The Ashes are played for each Christmas over a best of three arrangement and the winner has the right to take the piss out of the other one for a whole year!

Thanks Adam! A terrific bloke, and passionate about collecting and telling people about it.  A great example of Aussie mancave culture.

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