'Reluctant Heroes'

‘Reluctant Heroes’ is a veteran based portrait project. 

I am taking these photographs for free (no sitting fee) and offering printing and framing at cost for those that have either served in the military or the Police and Emergency Services.  

There are many men and women in our community that have made significant sacrifices to their families, country and communities and I’d like to provide them and their families with  quality images that depicts them as being proud and valued Australians.

I’m working with local veteran organisations in and around South East Queensland to offer my services.  But if you’d like to contact me about this project directly please do so.

'Shed's, Mancave's & Precious Things'

‘Shed’s Mancave’s and Precious Things’ is a photo essay project that celebrates all things blokeiness.   

I love photographing men in their shed’s and mancave’s, the places where they feel most comfortable and where their personality can be truly captured.  As part of this project I ask participants what they consider as their most precious non-living possession allowing me to further explore how they tick. 

I’m always looking for participants for this project.  So if you live in SE Queensland and you, or you know someone who might be interested in participating, please get in touch. 

'Soldier & Steed'

‘Soldier and Steed’ are images captured as part of a collaboration with members of the Australian Light Horse Association.

The ALHA are a group of volunteers that work to keep the rich traditions and history of the Light Horse regiments history alive.  The dedication to detail and commitment to authenticity is amazing and I felt I needed to capture these images as a way of further preserving a significant part of our military history.

I’m planning to do more work with some portraits of ALHA members in the near future.

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